Looking to trade oral favors

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As some users were at pains to point out, the chart is the five-year-old creation of parenting blogger Karen Alpert, aka Baby Sideburnsand was intended as a joke. The same for a photo of Instagram user bri.

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Based on some of my own investigation, it seems more real than not. In particular, about a dozen women tell me that they have systems in their relationships where housework gets rewarded, and some say the rewards are sexual. We both use it and can redeem rewards.

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The idea that women are naturally suited to household tasks is the conservative rationale for traditional gender roles, and second-wave feminists like Silvia Federici railed against it. More than 40 years later, though, the message has only partially gotten through.

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Femi nists who take issue with this particular brand of mommy blog humor are often accused of not being able to take a joke, but a couple of women I speak to tell me that their male partners took the idea of sexual rewards for domestic work very seriously. They help illustrate why feminists take issue with memes about men accruing blow-job points for folding laundry. Madeleine Holden is a lawyer and freelance writer based between Berlin and New Zealand. She writes about relationships, sex, gender and whatever the hell else she feels like for MEL.

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Inside Reddit’s no-strings-attached oral-sex trade