Looking to go to fair

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Thinking about moving to virtual career fairs? Our super flexible technology and superb customer support make running a virtual career fair an easy choice.

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Give that mouse a spin to learn why you should try it. Career services teams have too much to do around fair time.

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That's where our team of house elves comes in. We magically get things done for you. We promise you are going to love working with us! The difference is our superior user experience which means more adoption through word of mouth.

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Put our app and another fair app in front of any student and ask them which they prefer. We dare you!

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Skip The Line is revolutionizing career fairs around the world. Students are asking "why haven't we always had Skip The Line? Check it out and let us know if want to the revolution! Toggle. Now with Video! Students, looking for your Fair? Visit app.

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I truly appreciate all of you and your diligent work. The app is slick and user-friendly. Loved the analytics! I also like using the dashboard to keep up with analytics and enter our events prior to the career fair.

Looking to go to fair

email: [email protected] - phone:(584) 377-7441 x 6802

Students, looking for your Fair?