I love grits girls raised in the Laramie Wyoming

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Heck, I was still eating ramen noodles and frozen taquitos, and never even thought about owning a milk cow. I came here to ride horses equines have always been my first loveand knew that Wyoming would likely get me further along in the horse industry than where I had lived in the Pacific Northwest.

Long story short, I then met my husband a Wyoming native and we brilliantly decided our first home would be a tumble-down property located approximately in the middle of no where. People thought we were certifiably insane. And we kind of were. But that tumble-down property sparked my fire for self-sufficiency and food production, which in turn is what prompted me to start this blog, and the rest is history. Not long after moving to Wyoming, I fell head-over-heels in love with this state.

The wide open spaces speak to my soul. So allow me to explain:. The northwest portion of the state houses Yellowstone National Park, breathtaking mountain views, and lo of wildlife. I worked on a ranch in Cody, WY for a summer and adored it. The southwest part of Wyoming looks nothing like the northwest portion. But we do have wind and rattlesnakes to make up for it. The northeast portion of the state is full of oil and gas activity and has really been booming lately. But even though I complain about the wind, cuss the early freezes that kill my vegetables, and cry when the hail kills my garden, I love it here.

And I love our windy little Wyoming homestead with all its quirks. But where do you start? And what the heck are you going to do about a chicken coop? Consider this your great-big-everything-you-ever-needed-to-know-about-chicken-coops resource.

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Born in Gas Hills, WY. Raised in Casper. Family in Casper, Gillette, and Riverton. My parents have a cabin at Glendo, and a ranch in Meeteetse. We hunt near Lander. You really have to be tough to handle a Wyoming winter, let alone homestead there. We are thrilled but are getting so many mixed als! I was born in Louisiana and the winters there can be harsh I love grits girls raised in the Laramie Wyoming of the humidity lots of sleet and ice I once met a man from Minnesota who told me he had never experienced such cold as he did in Louisiana??

Hard to believe, I know …. We are so confused! Is it that much different to Wyoming? How would you discribe the main differences? MT is Montana, just north of WY. I have looked for a suitable homestead parcel for a longtime, but Wyoming has been the worst turf to find le in.

Without resorting to excruciating sources like Cragslist, newspaperand realtors, how would I connect with vacant land sellers? Yep, that pretty much sums it up! I first moved to WY in Feb or March of It was still winter, and the snows lasted at least into May, if not longer. But I survived it! WY has now been my home for 25 years. But even with what can be brutal winters sometimes. I too love WY.

You might see fog, sunshine, rain, or snow all within a few hours! Fair warning to those thinking of moving here, be ready for WIND, and more wind, and as said, often brutal winters. The southern part of WY has practically no trees! The northern part does have trees and mountains.

You probably meant That was our first worst in our ceti alpha v shack on the Colorado plains. The back window of our blazer rattled down a hair in the three day blow and pack solid with snow. This little house was shaking in the wind and I really thought it was going to blow off the basement in pieces. A 20 year roof lasts about five to eight years around here. I have made up my mind to move to Wyoming. I am a wildlife artist and sculptor and retired except not from art. I am Frederick Short, artist and sculptor just google me. My travel van should be ready by August.

Semper Fi! I look to to go back to my home state. Any one looking for a house in Wisconsin. Home steading sounds like my next chapter. I was born in Cheyenne and was taken awayfound myself growing up in Florida. I have always gone home when I got olderBeen able to stay for periods of time.

But coming home to stay and will visit other people when can. I could never get Wyoming out of my blood. I marvel at the prairiesand wind is strong.

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I am looking for a good property that well suites me. I have my own crew. Good luck to all and those who live their a good frozen smile on your face.

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Wisconsin winters can be brutal too if you live in the top half of the state but if you live in the bottom half not too bad. Most places in Wisconsin have trees and most places do not have the wind like Wyoming unless it might be in a storm. But it seems that all states have changing weather patterns as the years go on so it just depends. Now when we lived in Montana we dreamed of what all the brochures showed: snow and fishing and trees. But we moved to Billings and it was dry and dusty and not a lot of trees more like Wyoming and the wind. And because Billings is in a banana belt for weather, we did not get the snow that I wanted like other parts of the state got Missoula.

Live in Paris the one with the big towerjust happened across your blog, fascinating, and beautifully written. Dreams realized, one real step at a time. Delightful and entertaining. I have always thought about it but since you put it that way the wide open space does speak to my soul as well. I love this! There should be one for every state.

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We are also considering Montana because of many of the things you describe in Wyoming…wide open spaces, etc. Hopefully a horse will be in my future too. Thanks for the post Jill, I really enjoyed it! Montana is awesome! We thought of moving there in the past. I live in Montana near The north entrance to Yellowstone. Montana is similar to what has been said about Wyoming! The short summers are absolutely amazing. The winters are long, dark, windy, and downright brutal. We have land up your way…in Clark, Wyoming…. Wyoming has great property taxes too! Hey, Nancy.

This area is growing. I would be your neighbor, and have been here 8 years.

I love grits girls raised in the Laramie Wyoming

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